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Can Hair Removal Machines Really Remove Hair Permanently?

Time : 2023-04-27 Hits : 24

Regarding the topic of hair removal devices, the question everyone is most concerned about is whether permanent hair removal  

can really be achieved by using a hair removal device. After all, this is also the original intention of using a hair removal device.


Many people have a misunderstanding about the hair removal device, that is, they think that after using the hair removal device once, 

it will not grow back. In fact, this is wrong.


We need to correctly understand our hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle is divided into three cycles: anagen, catagen and telogen. 

Every day, we lose  our hair naturally and new hair grows in gradually. Because the amount of hair loss is roughly balanced with the 

amount of hair growth, it seems that the  amount of hair is always so much, but in fact some hair follicles are in the resting period, 

so no hair grows.


Laser hair removal mainly works on the growing hair. It is basically ineffective for hair in the telogen phase. This section of hair 

must be treated as it cycles  through the next growth phase. The hair growth phase is a continuous cycle process, rather than 

growing together. Therefore, photon hair removal generally needs 5-10 times or more to achieve a better hair removal effect.


Hair removal is a long process. As long as we insist on using the hair removal device correctly, we will achieve the desired effect!

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