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Structural design is divided into two types: architectural structure design and product structure design. We refer to product structure design here.

Product structural design is refers to the design work of the internal structure performed by the structural design engineer according to the product function in the product development process. The work of the product structural design includes the component part division based on the appearance model, the fixing method of each component, the use of design product and the realization of the movement function, the use of materials and surface treatment processes to determine the various parts of the product, etc. The product structure design is one of the basic content of the mechanical design, but also the most time spent in the design process a working link. In the process of product formation, it plays a very important role.

A part, parts or products, in order to achieve some kind of technical functions, often can use different configuration scheme, and orders, the work is mostly by the designer's "intuition", so the structure design has the characteristics of flexibility, and diversity of work results.

For a product, there are often many requirements or constraints from different perspectives, and these requirements or restrictions are often opposed to each other. For example, the requirement of high performance and low cost, the requirement of compact structure and avoid interference or adjust space, both in the contact seal sealing is reliable and the requirements of the small resistance to movement, and parts for both simple and convenient to assembly requirements and so on. The structural design must meet these requirements and constraints, and it is necessary to seek some kind of "compromise" according to the importance of various requirements and restrictions, so as to achieve unity in opposites.

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