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Do hair removal machines really work?

Time : 2023-04-21 Hits : 31

What should I do if I show my arms and legs in summer and want to get rid of excess hair? It takes a lot of  time and money to 

use hair removal patches, hair removal creams, hair removal waxes, etc. The hair removal effect is not long-lasting and has

side effects. Do hair removal machines on the market really work?


If you take the time to go to a beauty parlor for hair removal, it is time-consuming and expensive. It seems that  the home hair removal 

device is more suitable for office workers, who can remove hair after a little time.


This hair removal device has a precise red light wave of 600-1200nm, which can remove hair without hurting the skin; the energy density

is 6J/cm², which can achieve effective hair removal. Not only for hair removal,but also for skin care.


Choose the skin care mode, it is recommended that novices start from the first gear, once every three days, to promote metabolism Lighten

freckles and dullness; with long-term use, the skin will be smoother and more delicate.


Acne care mode to prevent acne recurrence on the skin, 9-speed selection design, taking care of people with different tolerance

levels, and ice compress function, which is very cool and comfortable to use.

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