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Why do home epilators remove hair so quickly?

Time : 2023-04-27 Hits : 28

Girls with a certain financial foundation will choose to go to beauty parlors or hospitals for laser hair removal. However, 

laser hair removal is not only expensive, but also takes a long time. Multiple hair removals are required to achieve results. 

This also discourages many girls who want to remove hair.


The emergence of home hair removers can solve this problem for most people. People can easily achieve the effect of whole 

body hair removal after using it for about ten minutes each time. Perfect for the urban beauty whose time is at a premium. 

They can enjoy professional-grade hair removal at home.

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Photonic hair removal uses laser light to remove hair from scratch. The hair and follicle structure is rich in melanin, which is 

much darker than the surrounding skin. When the light with strong penetrating ability enters the skin, it will be instantly 

absorbed by the black in the hair follicle. Melanin absorbs light energy and converts it into heat energy, which raises the 

temperature of the hair follicle to a certain extent, and its structure is irreversibly damaged. Hair follicles degenerate and shrink, 

stop growing, so as to achieve long-term hair removal effect.

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Compared with traditional hair removal methods, the home hair remover can solve our problems, and remove hair quickly during use. 

Many girls who have used home hair removers gave feedback: "It's very convenient, you can remove hair without going out", "When 

removing hair, apply it twice to each part, and apply a mask for the whole body" Hair removal. That's awesome" Wait...

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