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Prototype proofing, also called the first board, in the product design process, after the completion of the design drawings, one of the most wanted to do is to want to know what kind of design their own things made, appearance and their own design ideas are consistent, structure is the design reasonable and so on. Model manufacturing is the result of this need. Popular point, the model is on the premise of not open mould, according to the structure of product appearance drawing or drawings to make one or a few, first to check the appearance or the function of the structure rationality model.

Why go through the model phase in the new product development process?

1.Inspection appearance design

2.Inspection structure design

3.Avoid the risk of direct mold opening

4.Make the product launch much earlier.

NOBLE can make prototype for you by CNC, SLA, silicone mold, sheet metal and other rapid prototyping processes. After the Prototype is finished, the most important thing is to analyze and feedback them based on experience and requirements, and amend the results applied to the design of the product.


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