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Product assembly refers to the process of assembly of parts in accordance with specified technical requirements, and through commissioning and inspection to make them qualified products. The assembly begins with the design of the assembly drawings.

Products are made up of several parts and parts. In accordance with the required technical requirements, the process of assembling a number of parts into a composite or assembling a number of parts and components into a product is called assembly. The former is called component assembly, and the latter is called general assembly. It generally includes assembly, adjustment, inspection and testing, coating, packing and so on.

Assembly must be equipped with two basic conditions:

1.Positioning is the process of determining the correct position of the parts.

2.Fixed the parts that are about to be fixed.


1.Ensure product quality; Extend the service life of the product.

2.Reasonable arrangement of assembly sequence and procedure, minimize manual labor, meet the requirements of assembly cycle; Improve assembly efficiency.

3.Try to reduce the assembly area and increase the productivity of unit area.

4.Minimize assembly costs. The process of assembling and testing to make it a qualified product.

The company has a complete set of assembly test workshop, which can provide you with the fast assembly service of different products. If necessary, it can assist you to complete the SOP preparation of the new product. 


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