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Address :2nd&3rd Floor,Bldg 4,4th Zone,Dejin Ind.Park,Fuyuan 1st Rd,Fuhai Subdistrict,Baoan District,Shenzhen.


1, Driving: navigation positioning " Djin community " or "Noble Incorporated." 

2, Bus: take the line 11 to the " Qiaotou" subway station, optional routes: B892, to "Djin community";

3, Subway: take the subway line 11 to the "Qiaotou” station, then take a taxi about 10 minutes; 

4, Aircraft: take the plane to the "Shenzhen Baoan International Airport", then select the above three kinds of traffic options. 

5, Boat: the purpose can be "Shekou port" or "Shenzhen Airport Fuyong port", then select the above three kinds of traffic. 

6, Accommodation: Baolilai Hotel:

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