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For friends with too much body hair, the home permanent hair removal machine allows you to easily remove hair

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In summer, if you want to show your arms and legs, you want to wear a beautiful little skirt. Going to a beauty salon

to remove hair is time-consuming and expensive. It is best to buy an epilator and remove hair at home anytime.

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I bought the IPL hair removal device, the precise red light wave is 600-1200nm, the hair removal will not  hurt the skin; 

the energy density is 6J/cm², which can achieve effective hair removal.

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It can not only remove hair, but also skin care. You can do it at home with the item that you spend hundreds  of dollars in 

a beauty salon. There are 9 levels of energy to choose during hair removal, taking care of people with different tolerance 

levels, and it also has the function of ice compress, which is very cool and comfortable to use.


Choose the skin rejuvenation mode, after the age of 25, the skin's repair ability begins to decline, and a series of problems such 

as fine lines, acne, pimples, dullness, and lack of vitality will easily appear. You can try the skin rejuvenation mode, which can 

effectively promote pigment metabolism, activate the skin repair mechanism, and promote collagen proliferation and rearrangement. 

It is recommended that novices start from the first gear, once every three days, long-term use, the skin will be smoother 

and more tender.  


Acne care mode to prevent the skin from recurring acne, because it can prevent the growth of Propionibacterium acnes in the

hair follicles, making the skin feel silky.

For friends who have too much body hair without free time, long-term visits to beauty parlors require regular time for hair removal.

 If you buy a portable hair removal device for home use, you can take time out for hair removal at home.

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